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Dr Peter Richard Pedersen DC DO

Graduate - Sydney College of Osteopathy - Sydney College of Chiropractic
International College of Applied Kinesiology

Myofascial Trigger Point Dry Needling Neuromuscular Procedures,

This site is an evolving "work-in-progress". Based on personal experience gained in 43 years of clinical practice and 250,000+ patient consults, with emphasis on healthcare options and drug-free treatment alternatives. My protocols have always been based on the known, the already proven...just tweaked a bit to match each and every patient's individual requirements. No dogma, science is my friend!

Many topics of interest, published research and workable theories...if you get some information that helps you, that's great!

Information within this site is not intended to be taken as medical advice, always seek personal advice from your health practitioner before undertaking any health care intervention. Choose your health practitioner carefully, avoid those selling "treatment plans"...

If you are looking for natural health care on the Gold Coast you are invited to visit Your Health Matters (YHM) at Nerang. Our practice provides virtually all non-medical, complementary health care using only Best Practice protocols and our practitioners have a wealth of experience in diagnosis and treatment of metabolic and structural conditions.

Thanks for viewing this website, I hope it helps you on your way to visiting our practice. Visit us on Facebook

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