Lyme Disease

Most cases are the result of a bite from a tick infected with the Spirochette, Borrelia Burgdorferi (Bb). Because ticks often carry several diseases, both Lyme disease and co-infections are usually transmitted at the same time. The result is an acute illness that, over time, develops into a chronic condition. Frequently seen symptoms are severe… Read More »

Scar Tissue Release

Conditions involving scar tissue or myofascial adhesions can be very painful and often unresponsive to treatment. Everyday activities from day to day living and simple injuries can result in a tender little lump of aggravation that just gets worse with time. Conditions include tennis elbow (epicondylitis), heel spurs and plantar fasciitis, post-operative scars and the… Read More »

Intensive Neuromuscular Therapy

Intensive Neuromuscular Therapy Trigger Point Dry Needling Although myofascial pain syndrome is a well recognized clinical condition, there remains a lot that is not known regarding the pathophysiology, mechanisms of pain referral, and treatment of choice for myofascial trigger points. In addition myofascial trigger points remain a commonly overlooked cause of chronic neuromusculoskeletal pain and… Read More »