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Article: Back Pain Prevention

"Back at Work" - Education in Prevention - Care in Action

Article by Dr Peter Richard Pedersen


A ten point program for optimal spinal health.

  1. A quick look around the back. User's guide to basic spinal anatomy to help take the mystery out of the miseries. How to know which treatment will be best for whatever ails you. We look at what each profession has to offer and what you should avoid. Just a quick look at: Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Massage, Myotherapy, FSM (frequency specific microcurrent), Core stability and strengthening, Alexander and other postural techniques, yoga, tai chi, pilates, feldenkrais etc. (Don't worry...we provide a full set of notes, no speed writing necessary)

  2. Back-up. Injury reduction methods using simple posture changes which will also reduce back pain without any treatment.

  3. D.I.Y. Injury recovery made faster with self-help techniques

  4. Loosen up! Injury prevention stretching and flexibility program, the best physiotherapy money can't buy.

  5. Warm-up exercises (preparing for work or sport)

  6. Spinal workout (Five minute daily exercise routine)

  7. Home care do's and don'ts (common sense rules)

  8. Spinal safety 12 essentials

  9. Awkward Lifting Procedures for difficult situations

  10. Driver's back care rules (any type of vehicle)

This two hour session will create awareness of spinal safety and will teach simple and effective methods of preventing back injury and reducing back pain. The incidence of work related back injury is on the increase; this means increased human suffering with consequences that can last for years, lost production and disruption to the efficiency of the workplace, plus considerable expense to both the injured employee and the employer. Back pain can be mild, it can be annoying, it can restrict activity and it can cause serious long term consequences. Depression from chronic back pain is a frequent and disabling consequence. We want to prevent back pain, neck pain, spinal injuries and all of the consequences and we make the frequently quoted comment, "Prevention is the best treatment".

The usual cause of back injury is carelessness or ignorance, oversight or undertraining.

BACK AT WORK emphasises personal responsibility and active involvement in back safety, we teach "prevention" and we make it our goal to ensure that each and every course participant can go back to work with full awareness of back safety.

If a worker has not been taught how to safely lift, carry, bend, sit, reach, stand or drive; Injury will happen!

Awareness is prevention.

If a worker has not been taught to rest or exercise the right way, there is a greater risk of injury. Non-work related injuries can "appear" at work and become a "work injury".

Awareness is responsibility.

The MOST EXPENSIVE OPTION is treatment after the injury has occurred. Rising costs of insurance, treatment and compensation have made injury PREVENTION the only sane approach in the management of work related back injury.

Back injury is the single greatest cause of worker injury, the greatest single cost.

Invest in worker safety

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