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Graduate - Sydney College of Osteopathy - Sydney College of Chiropractic
International College of Applied Kinesiology

Myofascial Trigger Point Dry Needling Neuromuscular Procedures,

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Osteopathy - Chiropractic - Physiotherapy -(All Things Biomechanical)

Traditional - Nutritional - Complementary - (Now legitimate...Integrative Medicine)

Acupuncture vs Trigger Point Dry Needling - (either way...you get the point!)

Massage - Myotherapy - soft tissue manipulation

and ... All things natural... Naturopathy

Adrenal Fatigue
Ageing is not a disease
Ankylosing Spondylitis
Ankylosing Spondylitis in Depth
Back Pain Treatment
Back Pain Prevention (for small businesses)
Buteyko Breathing Reconditioning
Cancer can cause Backpain
Children Posture Check Chart
Chronic Fatigue
Connective Tissue
Detoxification - without colonic backwashing
Dry Needling
Exercise - Walking - Posture
Food Pyramid
Foot Pronation - Orthotics
Glycemic Index Explained
Health Funds
Menopause Joint Pain
Mind, Body and Soul
Myofascial Pain -The Science
Myofascial Pain Syndrome
Postural Check - Posture Improvement
Skin and Qi

Sitting is the new Smoking

Sleep Apnoea
Skin Repair

Spinal Curves

Sporting Injuries
Sports Injury Treatment Pyramid
The Long Consultation - TLC
Touch Stimulates Neurogenesis
TriggerPoints - The Science
Trigger Point Treatment Flow chart
Trigger Points Explained
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