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Article: "Rejuvenate the mind, body and soul"

Article by "unknown"

Individuality defines our existence. Unity defines our humanity.

Three points worth considering:

Living a fulfilling and healthy life takes more than just practice.

If we keep doing the same thing we will end up with the same result.

New or different ways are frightening because they offer different outcomes.

In our life-search for self improvement we often turn to more experienced persons for advice and we frequently suffer different, if not polemic (totally opposite) opinions and contradictory advice on every topic and subject.

Different opinions on the same essential topic from the equally qualified experts and from the apparently happy, fulfilled and healthy individuals.

Where to turn? Who to trust? Why are some people happy and others so sad?

Why does "Seek and ye shall find" have so much relevance?

The author of this article battled depression and suicidal thoughts from childhood and has received "treatment" from many specialists.

By the age of 25 he had collected 14 conflicting medical diagnoses. Still fighting depression, but able to point blame in so many different directions (without any solutions) he decided to look at the alternative (non-medical) approaches which included naturopathy, acupuncture, yoga, osteopathy and meditation.

This article is not about "Who is right, who is wrong?"

The author happily concedes that 35 years of searching for "The Truth" has left more questions than answers.

This article is about rejuvenation and that means more than just renewing, revitalizing or refreshing ourselves.

The essence of rejuvenation is transformation.

But first...

Once upon a time, the hero(ine) embarked upon an heroic quest, faced a daunting challenge, suffered near defeat, lost faith, found strength and defying all odds…triumphed over the seemingly insurmountable.

S/he went through all the emotions and finally felt pretty good about him/herself and returned home victorious to adulation and live-happily-ever-after marriage/riches/regency.

We now, however, wake up each morning and face the day with the sad resignation that this day will be "just like yesterday". Getting out of bed is sometimes as big a challenge as can be imagined.

We live in a world that requires us to take-care-of-things, perform-as-required, toe-the-line, do-what-we-must, get-on-with-the-job…and if we don't meet the deadline then we can stay back and work overtime, come back tomorrow and do-it-again or get-another-job.

Glory? Sorry, it's just your job. No quest, no victory and definitel...no glory.

After a hard day, after a long week…where is the reward? Pay packet? Not enough!

Some choose to party hard, escaping in the false reality of excessive alcohol or drugs or sexual gratification.

Some try this route for a while and most will move on fairly quickly as they find that distraction of this type does more harm than good. (Those that don't are generally lost to conservative help.) We ultimately make our own choices and we choose to choose our own path. (No typo, we all have free will and we all make our own choices). Not to say that there is no possible recovery from addiction to excessive pleasures (sex, drugs or alcohol), but this little article does not pretend to have the power to rescue those unfortunates.

We are after-all, individuals, thus we are the masters of our own destiny. The point of distinction is that we are free to make choices and mistakes in near to equal proportions and so many people find themselves in an undesirable situation simply because of poor choices. What are the good choices? If a solution is available, why doesn't everybody take it? How on earth do we get out of our chosen situations and learn to make better choices?

Let us start with two givens: we have a body and we have time on earth. If we are in a state of grace, that is, if we are able to negotiate our time (on earth) with a functional mind and body, our passage is then pretty-well self determined. Argue if you wish about privilege of birth, race or other circumstance but the author wishes to beg your indulgence and request that you consider only You. If you got to read this, it applies to you. No generalizations or simplifications.

You are born into your present life and You have created passage. You are unique.This, in itself, is the greatest gift. Consider You for a moment. YOU…born of parents, raised, nurtured (or sadly not), schooled and exposed to the realities of one life, progressed through years to the present…educated to life as You know it. However good or bad You percieve it to be...

But, what if there is more? What if You know only a few colours and have not been shown an entire rainbow of possibilities? What if your past is just that, the past? What if You could jump from where You are to some other place?

Whatever your present circumstance there is only one You and no other can match your experience. Can you grow beyond your experiences? Are you trapped and forever prisoner of the life you have led?

To move beyond your present reality it is essential for You to embrace the concept of "oneness". The expression "we are all one" is the first and over-riding principle of personal growth. Take a moment to consider that change is possible.

If you are feeling stuck in your present reality or helpless in your life situation then you probably don't agree. But, my friend, "Change" is not only possible, it is essential. Essential on every level and vital to all existence. We change (adapt) or we die. Evolution is proof that we can manifest change to increase our chances of survival. Rust is an ugly process that occurrs on certain metals that are exposed to the air. Nothing wrong with the metal and air is generally pretty good...circumstances make for a bad outcome.

We are creatures of circumstance and life pulsates with changes in circumstance. If you do not believe in evolution then consider "adaptation"; the response of an organism to stimuli which produces an alteration in the nature of that organism.

Returning to our article title "Rejuvenate the mind, body and soul" and the early assertion that rejuvenation is (essentially) transformation…it is possible to create a new (transformed) reality in a heart-beat. The mind is but a slave to our thought processes. Think negative, be negative. Think positive, be positive. Not with a mindless "everything is wonderful" attitude but with a realistic "all is as it should be" approach.

Can you see the difference?

Acceptance rather than belief. We can take comfort in the things that we know and we can be comfortable with doing what we have always done. Transformation occurs when we go beyond our comfort zones, when we attempt the unknown. A simple example, getting out of bed one hour earlier and going for a walk, mindfully appreciating life, enjoying the sunrise and hearing the birds that sing only for the early risers. How about…meditating for 30 minutes or pulling weeds out of the garden, stretching or exercising, especially tai-chi which activates meridian energy (Qi) and enables change at the very cellular level. Try cooking a healthy breakfast, reducing alcohol or cigarettes, drinking water instead of tea or coffee. How about no "junk food", what if you stopped the fizzy drinks.

What about mental processes?

No negative thoughts, not swearing, not lying (even little white lies). No problem? Try it! We have so many processes that create our being, learned and adapted from years of "survival". These very processes prevent our inner being from expressing itself because they create a "learned response" which blocks our intuitive "inner being" from participating in the current circumstance. If we are ever to break away from our past we must permit change and embrace the consequences of inevitable personal growth. The process of transformation is personal, done at our own chosen speed and incorporating many and varied factors.

The author suggests a sequence, based on the reported experiences of 1000's of people over his 35 years of private practice. Coincidence has reared it's pretty head and there are ten, tidy ten, points to consider:

Firstly, love everybody. If that is just too hard from where you are at present, then like everybody. Do not discriminate or make choices based on past experience. Just choose to love everybody. Think of every man as your father/brother/son, every woman as your mother/sister/daughter. Do not judge, criticize or polarize any person. (This is the author's first choice because it is the hardest.) This creates an irresistible aura of positive energy which begins the process of transformation and it is contagious.

Secondly, choose your thoughts and then your speech. Think only in the positive and learn to speak only in the positive. Particularly, avoid swearing. I could write a book on this topic but suffice to say, thoughts and words have immense power. Think or utter in the negative and you will create that power. Not simply, but surely, it will be as you think. So think positive!

Third. Take time to help others, every day if possible. Not as an act of charity, not with thought of reward, just because you can. Help without considering the consequences. Help without expecting reward. Practice random acts of kindness.

Fourth. Eat as if your life depended on it. 60% fresh fruit and vegies, (more vegies than fruit), 40% quality grains/protein/dairy. No junk food and for goodness sake…stay away from the fast food McStablishments.

Your Qi (chi) will increase immediately and transformation takes energy. Hint: if it is packaged, coloured, processed or preserved....don't freakin' eat it!

Fifth. Have some form of bodily realignment. Acupuncture, reiki, osteopathy, chiropractic, yoga, Pilates, massage. (Whatever is comfortable for you). Again we are looking at Qi, if your vital energy is obstructed through physical blockages, your growth is impaired.

Sixth. Give a percentage of your income to charity. 10% is good. If you don't have an income, do some charity work. If you are uncomfortable with that, see point one.

Sevenly. (Made up word, rhymes with…) Speak to your God. If you don't have one, speak to the stars or to the wind…just do it! Open your mind to greater possibilities, greater existences and speak up! Talk about your fears, ask for help, be honest and humble. Get down and get with it...kneel! If you won't kneel before the greaterpower, wait until you have a near death experience...then you will kneel.

Eighth. Go to bed with gratitude for the day just passed. Wake up with anticipation of the best day you have ever had.

Number Nine. Take some time to smell the roses. Every day find a time to enjoy the pleasure and beauty of nature. If roses give you hayfever, drink more water. If water makes you sick, see point four. (and a good naturopath)

Ten and last. Read good books. Don't waste your time on TV shows; make it your goal to read at least one good book per month. What is a good book? One that inspires, motivates and encourages. Ask your friends or the librarian.

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