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Article: Getting under your Skin

Natural Skin Rejuvenation Gold Coast

Article by Dr Peter Richard Pedersen


Skin consists of two main layers, the epidermis on the outside and the dermis underneath.

The epidermis, about as thick as a piece of paper, includes the stratum corneum on the surface; the granular layer that makes fats and proteins; the squamous cell layer that makes keratin for the top layer and works as a water transporter; and the basal (lowest) layer, where the skin renews itself by making new cells. The basal layer also is home to the pigment-producing cells that color the skin.

The dermis, about half an inch thick, is made up of collagen, elastin fibers and a gel called ground substance. This is the part that holds the blood vessels, nerves, hair follicles, and oil and sweat glands. It takes about 28 days for new skin cells to be made in the dermis and work their way up to the outer layer of the epidermis.

There are many factors that lead to wrinkles and the crepe-like quality of aging, damaged skin - prolonged unprotected sun exposure, unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking and overindulging, and the simple passage of time.

While it pays to protect your skin from outside factors by wearing sunscreen and developing a healthier lifestyle, time marches on no matter what you do. And age is the enemy of elastic, healthy, young-looking skin. That's because as we age, our skin stops producing collagen, which contributes to skin strength and elasticity. Its degradation leads to wrinkles that accompany aging. Although many skin care products tout the fact that they contain collagen, the fact is that collagen is too large to be absorbed directly through the skin.

But collagen production can be stimulated by peptides, chains of amino acids that are found naturally in the body. This stimulation makes it possible to slow down the effects of ageing and diminish facial wrinkles. That is why stimulating peptides is the most effective anti-ageing insurance you can buy. (more on this)


Qi beauty is unique. Qi (Chi) is energy, life, vitality.

When it is flowing...we are healthy.

When Qi is deficient or the flow is blocked...we are not healthy.

Based on the ancient philosophies of acupuncture, verified by the modern science of thermal imaging, developed by Kathy Pedersen after 25 years of clinical trial and error.

From the outside, without chemicals, invasive procedures or expensive clinical visits...

Safe, nothing enters your skin.

Qi beauty is a system of energy generation. Stimulating circulation. Collagen production. Naturally.

The Qi beauty Magnetic Facial is a "cosmetic acupuncture point based method" using ancient Oriental techniques to improve the beauty and youthfulness of the face and body.

The Qi beauty Magnetic Facial is more than a cosmetic procedure.

It is a rejuvenation process designed to help the face and whole body to look and feel younger.

It is based on cosmetic acupuncture which employs the ancient philosophy of acupuncture and traditional Oriental medicine.

According to acupuncture theory the face expresses the nature of the heart spirit (Shen).

When our spirit is at peace, it shows through our face, in our eyes, and through our smiles.

A healthy Shen spirit promotes health and beauty and a glowing complexion.

Acupuncture stimulates the flow of Qi and blood to the face improving circulation of blood and lymph. Many benefits such as nutrient uptake and waste disposal are achieved.

Acupuncture balances the meridians and energetic nature of the organs of your body and consequently harmonises our body, mind and spirit allowing you to show your natural state of beauty. The stress vanishes from your face, lines and redness disappear.

In your Qi Facial session the appropriate points are selected on your face which will benefit your individual constitution.and any underlying imbalances resulting in a natural and holistic approach to beauty and anti-ageing.

Please visit www.qibeauty.com.au


Article by Dr Peter Richard Pedersen

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