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Article: A Non-Invasive Approach To Energetic Skin Regeneration Naturally.

Article by Dr Peter Richard Pedersen


Three things known:

  1. A strong moisture barrier in the top layer of skin is the key for maximum inner skin performance. It protects the stratum corneum and the underlying layers and enhances regenerative function, whilst having the additional benefits of maintaining hydration and improving skin appearance.

  2. Ageing slows the cellular regenerative properties (or turnover rate) with concomitant degradation of collagen, elastin and fat, thus the dermis becomes thinner, less hydrated and less elastic, causing skin to sag, form lines, wrinkles and folds.

  3. Skin regeneration is an energetic (ATP) process, correlated with chronologic age, skin damage especially from the sun but also from chemical exposure and the drying effects of alcohol, smoking and air-conditioning. Barrier creams or topically applied moisturizers do not increase the energy available and cannot pass the protective lipid bilayer to reach below the stratum corneum.

Our research presents a contentious viewpoint; if skin is to be repaired, that is, if collagen, elastic and fat content restored, then the process must essentially involve a manipulation of the ATP production (G2 stage) so that more energy is available to the skin cells.

Through the specific application of biologically matched static magnetic field, applied over acupuncture meridians and key areas of ?skin-energy-deficit?, we have been able to produce measurable enhancement of skin. Not just appearance, but hydration and depth of wrinkles. We have named the process "Qi beauty". (Qi is pronounced chi)

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Article by Dr Peter Richard Pedersen

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