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Article by Peter Pedersen

When to seek treatment for infants and juveniles?


Osteopathy techniques are modified to fit a child's size, weight, and unique spinal problem. No force is used. The procedures are more of a stimuli than a manipulation. It is a matter of turning on the appropriate responses. Many times, when babies are brought to us, we decline to treat and advise parents that their child is developing normally. Sometimes it is just a matter of time. - We show parents how to massage their baby. We have clinic records of all "our" babies, over 2,500 that we have seen and our records show that one or two visits is generally enough.

As children grow, develop and become more active...accidents can happen. Falls and bumps can have a consequence, if you suspect a "problem", we can check for you. - We never, ever...manipulate a child's spine! A little massage, mobilization, movements or myotherapy, some stretching or reflex work, that's all it takes.


not mum's favourite


Article by Peter Pedersen

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