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Article: Health Funds (Insurance Companies)


For the convenience of (virtually) all patients receiving chiropractic, osteopathic, massage, acupuncture, naturopathy and physiotherapy or orthotics, we have installed the "Hi-Caps" system allowing processing of your private health insurance claim at the time of service. (If at all possible, depending on your treatment and health fund)


Some health funds have narrow definitions, eg: they will pay for "Bowen Therapy" but not for lymphatic drainage. Some will pay for spinal adjustments but not for the exercise physiology that goes with it.

A visit to the naturopath or nutritionist might be covered, but not the herbalist or homoeopath.

Generally, all you will need to pay is the "gap", which varies depending on your level of cover or service provided.

Some health funds pay less than one third of the fee, others close to the full amount.

Preferred Provider

If your health fund has a "preferred provider" list we probably aren't on it because we don't reduce our fees just to get on health fund lists.

The "preferred provider" is not a more qualified person, nor is he/she more accessable, reliable or capable, he/she is just willing to charge the health fund less for the service provided. (i.e. discount...)

You can make the decision about who you chose to see...your body, your choice.

Processing your claim

Please remember to bring your health insurance card to the practice, we cannot process your claim without a health-fund card with a magnetic information strip.

If you don't have such a card, ask your health fund to issue one, otherwise we will give you a receipt so that you can lodge a claim.

We provide this service without charge to you, the "gap" can be paid by cash, credit card or EFTPOS.

We don't accept cheques 'cause they are a pain in the bum. (sorry) Too many dud cheques!


If you are eligible for treatment under DVA and you have a medical doctor's referral to any of our practitioners, you will not need to pay us for your treatment. We will take care of all paperwork and DVA requirements. Please bring previous treatment records and X-ray or bone scan reports.


If you are covered by any of the various Workers Compensation/Cover/Care, (except NSW) please bring your medical doctor's referral on your first appointment. You will need to pay us for your treatments at each visit and the receipt that we give you can be used to make your claim.

We do the treatments, you do the volumes of paperwork and make the claim and wait for reimbursement.


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