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Article: What is Biomechanics

Article by Dr Peter Richard Pedersen

Biomechanics is a subset within the musculoskeletal professions, encompassing sports medicine and exercise physiology, physiotherapy, massage, chiropractic and osteopathy.

Biomechanics studies the body's movements during high demand performance and compares these movements to unstressed or "normal" movements usually performed during walking and general leisure activities.

The intention is to study the effect of high demand movement variations on performance.

Once variations are considered, the criteria for treatment can be established.

Athletes train for a specific performance and when they are injured and require treatment, the treatment must be specifically matched to their physiologic requirements.

Protocols don't cross performance barriers.

A "shelf" procedure (e.g. standard physiotherapy) will not automatically correct an injury in an elite athlete, just as an asprin will not address every condition that causes pain or inflammation.

(Nothing wrong with the treatment, just not necessarily matched to the "condition")

Many conventionally applied treatments have no regard for the actual demands placed upon the body.

A "front row forward" will require different treatment for back pain or a torn muscle than would a prima ballerina.

This is painfully obvious and frequently it is obviously painful...

Biomechanics is a process of determination.

There are many aspects of biomechanics that relate to specific conditions and other articles within this site deal with those specifics.

This is an overview to give you an idea if biomechanics may be of value to you.

Do you have any of the following?

Recurring neck pain - mid thoracic pain - lower back pain - sacral or pelvic pain - knee conditions, dislocations, grinding - shin pain - shin splints - achilles tendonitis - calf stiffness - heel pain - heel spurs - metatarsalgia - bunions - joint restriction.

How can Biomechanics help?

Finding the structural and/or functional circumstances that produce compromised performance is the first step to enabling correction.

Treatment cannot reasonably be commenced until the kinesiologic barriers are lowered.

The coach says "just do it" and the athlete says "but it hurts".

Many athletes are unable to identify the reason that they cannot perform to the level that is required, they know that they have the fitness, the training, the technique, the motivation...

We are suggesting a solution that has helped many of our patients.

It is a complex process and requires an initial consultation with Dr Pedersen for assessment and, if appropriate, treatment.

Occassionally we are unable to provide the treatment solution and we promise that when this occurs we will refer you to the most appropriate practitioner.

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